Nesma Telecom & Technology





We employs highly qualified architects and consultants to ensure that technical and business decisions are taken proficiently. We work closely with teams to deliver projects successfully with a diverse range of products and services.


We offer IT organizations the expertise to assess, develop and deploy cutting-edge infrastructure technologies that meet both business and technical requirements.


We operate datacenters and infrastructure services, we assure our customers paramount IT services and products all pertaining to carrier and enterprise grade Solutions.


  1. Infrastructure Solution

    • Infrastructure Assessment, Design, and Implementation
    • LAN/WAN Layer4-7 Switching and Routing
    • Bandwidth Management & Optimization
    • Network and Service Monitoring
    • Email and Collaboration services
    • Linux Consultancy
    • Microsoft consultancy
    • IP Telephony
    • Passive Components
  2. Datacenter Solutions

    • Datacenter Assessment, Design and Implementation
    • Datacenter Management and Optimization
    • Datacenter Storage Solutions
    • Datacenter Server & Service Management
    • Datacenter Monitoring & Root-cause Analysis
    • Datacenter Security
  3. Storage Solutions

    • Storage Design and Implementation (SAN, NAS, DAS, iSCSI)
    • Storage Encryption
    • Storage Migration
    • Storage Replication
    • Backup Strategy, Design, Consolidation, and Implementation
    • End-user backup services
    • Tape Solutions
  4. Virtualization and Consolidation

    • Storage Virtualization
    • Server Virtualization
    • Datacenter Consolidation through Virtualization
    • Virtualization High Availability
    • Virtualization Performance Assessment and Consultancy
    • Virtualization System Migrations
    • Virtualization Backup Design and Implementation
  5. Information Security

    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Email Security and Spam Management
    • Patch Management
    • L4-7 Application Firewall, Av, and content filtering
    • Policy Enforcement Solution
  6. Consultancy

    • Assisted Onsite Services
    • Storage & Backup Consulting Services
    • Virtualization Consulting Services
    • Datacenter Consulting Services
    • Networking and Service Consulting Services